Experience in creating solutions for various areas 

CISED Consultores was founded in 1985, as a consultancy dedicated to the resolution of the customers’ problems through the application of quantitative-based methodologies.

In more than 25 years on the market, CISED developed extensive practical experience in applying sophisticated quantitative methods in different areas of activity, with emphasis on public procurement, management consultancy, transport and logistics and regional planning.

Solutions tailored to the needs of clients with various different profiles 

The wealth of a consulting services organization is based on the quality and experience of its human resources. For CISED, beyond the individual credentials, there is also the fact that its key personnel has a shared experience in consultancy projects which goes back more than 25 years, thus ensuring the institutional soundness of the methodologies it develops and employs.

CISED has collaborated on projects of highly variable dimension, always trying to find solutions which are of appropriate size and sophistication considering the organization and the project they are intended to, in order to ensure effective return on the clients’ investment in consulting services.