Cised Consulting performs ex-post evaluation of the project "Rehabilitation of Naboth Avenue Mile - PRPE II" in Maputo, Mozambique

Ricardo Spinola participates as an international consultant of CTB, Belgian Development Agency. The object of the final evaluation is to analyze the results of the execution of the project "Rehabilitation of the Avenida Milagre Mabote, Mozambique – PRPE II", in Maputo, Mozambique, a bilateral project between the Government of Mozambique and the Kingdom of Belgium (through CTB). The analysis includes a diverse set of criteria such as relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the project, coherence and harmonization with other projects, strategic alignment with the partner country, the managing for results, mutual accountability, gender equality, the environment, the children's rights, socioeconomics and health and hygiene.

CISED Consulting carries out a comparative evaluation between the preliminary engineering study and the final project of a road concession segment

The aim of the study was to compare the impact analysis of the final layout solution adopted in the project and the solution proposed in the preliminary study. The two alternatives were compared using a multicriteria decision support methodology. The multicriteria analysis was intended to identify the best alternative from the socio-economic and territorial planning standpoints, and thus provide relevant information pertaining the decision on the best layout. The infrastructure to be built will serve a population of over 415,000 people.

CISED Consulting provides procurement consultancy on a procedure for the supply and installation of air traffic control audio recorders

The procedure included the installation of six voice recording/playback systems, one for an air traffic control centre and the other five to airports within its flight information region; as well as training on the systems’ operation and maintenance. The tender to be considered the most economically advantageous must demonstrate its compliance with the specifications as well as the specific additional gains to be offered. The customer company is responsible for air traffic control services and to ensure the compliance with national and international air traffic safety regulations.

CISED Consulting suupports a municipality in the preparation of a framework agreement for the acquisition of maintenance and rehabilitation services for its green spaces

The maintenance and rehabilitation services for municipal green spaces are typically awarded, as the needs of each municipality arise. This process can be conducted with greater economic rationality and thus saving public money, by setting up a framework agreement with various service providers in which the terms subjected to contract are defined from the outset, and the services contracts to be awarded in the foreseeable future are also identified beforehand. The preparation of this procedure had the collaboration of CISED Consultores, which excels in the preparation of procurement procedures, including the development of tender evaluation models and contract specifications which pave the way for a more rational management.