Education planning documents

CISED Consultores has extensive experience and expertise in specialized educational planning documents, integrating distinctive competencies, particularly in terms of articulation with the territorial management plans and regional strategic development vectors, sustaining future plans in adequate forecast models and the development of participatory processes.

In creating education planning documents, a forward looking vision is adopted, which is sensitive to urban and demographic dynamics and adjusted to education and training demands and the flexibility of the school network, to enable the appropriate adjustments to the dynamics of the “demand geography “.

The educational system is thought of as a support pillar for the municipalities’ development strategies: close alignment with the municipal planning documents is essential, drawing all necessary elements – namely in terms of reserved space for the installation of educational facilities.

The education system must serve the people and meet the current challenges and demand patterns for education, this being one of the guiding principles of educational planning documents prepared by CISED: adequate geographical coverage of the school network, improvement of school infrastructure, promotion of integrated education pathways, bolstering and diversification of the educational offerings.