Public procurement advisory services

Some of the members of CISED Consultores participated in the transposition of Directive 2004/18/EC into Portuguese law, with the current Portuguese Public Contracts Code (Law-Decree No. 18/2008 of 29 January), and accumulated extensive experience in advisory services on the preparation of public procurement procedures, evaluation of applications and tenders, and procurement procedures monitoring at each stage up to the award of contract.

The use of methodologies based on sound science is an important added value in safeguarding the public interest and resources in many of the public procurement procedures in which CISED takes part, namely concerning the definition of the award criteria, the definition of the  tender evaluation model, the rigorous specification of the contract object, and the evaluation of proposals and applications.

Works recently undertaken include various advisory services, namely related to the acquisition of a coastal surveillance system, of amphibious firefighting air tankers, of weaponry for security forces, of an electronic card system for public schools, of a shared human resources management system for the public sector, of railway infrastructure, among others.

CISED Consultores has been involved in public procurement procedures in the public health area, particularly in the preparation of procedures and evaluation of applications and tenders, for hospital infrastructure construction and supervision contracts.

Also, CISED Consultores has organized  training courses on public procurement legislation for certain customers.